Kareem Gazuani

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Co-founder We Shape

Kareem Gazuani is an entrepreneur, coach, teacher, and talent developer based in the Netherlands. With a passion for talent development and a keen understanding of urban and street culture, Kareem has dedicated his career to bridging gaps, connecting people, and empowering young people to reach their full potential.

Kareem currently serves as the TOP Coordinator at Curio, where he has been working for over 3 years. In this role, he oversees talent development programs and initiatives, helping young people identify and cultivate their unique talents to achieve success. He is also a docent (teacher) of talent development, providing guidance and support to students in the Breda area.

In addition to his work in education, Kareem is actively involved in the urban culture scene as a coach and developer at EMOVES, an urban culture platform based in Eindhoven. He has been with EMOVES for over 4 years, coaching and mentoring young talents in various aspects of urban culture such as art, music, and theater. Kareem is also the owner and founder of “De Kijk van K,” a creative consultancy and promotional agency that focuses on connecting artists, companies, and business partners in the creative industry.

Prior to his current roles, Kareem served as a project leader at Dynamo Eindhoven for over 8 years, where he coordinated the UrbanLab040 project, and as a youth worker and project coordinator at Lumens for 5 years, where he worked with young people in Eindhoven and surrounding areas.

Kareem’s expertise lies in building bridges, coaching, concept development, consultancy, and connecting people. He is a practitioner of Lumina Learning, a psychometric tool that helps individuals and organizations understand behavior and improve communication. Kareem’s approach to talent development is based on a 100% positive approach, recognizing and appreciating the unique talents of young people and empowering them to further develop their skills and initiatives. His work in talent development, particularly in (urban) sports, music, art, and ICT, has made a positive impact on the lives of many at-risk youth, motivating them to strive for excellence, build social connections, and improve their overall well-being.


  • Curio 3 years 8 months TOP Coördinator July 2020
  • Curio - Docent Talentontwikkeling September 2019
  • EMOVES // Urban Culture Platform Coach & Ontwikkelaar January 2019 - Present
  • De Kijk van K Owner and Founder February 2007 - Present
  • Projectleider UrbanLab040 January 2016 - August 2019
  • Regisseur/Projectcoordinator January 2011 - August 2019
  • Lumens Jongerenwerker/Projectcoordinator January 2006 - December 2010

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