Shaun Figaroa

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Co-founder We Shape

Shaun Figaroa is a prime example of how talent development can lead to incredible achievements. As a young entrepreneur based in Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands, Shaun has honed his skills and passions in various fields, from music to media production and beyond.

One of Shaun’s notable accomplishments is his work as the owner and founder of 040 Records, a record label that has nurtured and promoted several talented artists, including Miggs De Bruijn, who has gained recognition through TV appearances and performances at various pop venues and festivals across the country. Shaun’s keen eye for talent and his ability to support and promote artists has earned him a reputation in the music industry.

In addition to his work in the music industry, Shaun is also the owner and founder of Kinooz, a media production company that specializes in creating videos such as music videos, documentaries, commercials, and aftermovies, as well as providing branding and social media advice. His creative prowess and technical skills as a sound engineer, cameraman, and event organizer have contributed to the success of his media production ventures, with his videos garnering over 7 million views and being featured on TV.

Shaun’s passion for youth development is also evident in his involvement in projects such as “Stack Je Money,” which he has developed himself. He also serves as a workshop facilitator at Dynamo Eindhoven and holds the position of Chairman at Word Up!, an organization focused on promoting spoken word poetry. Through these projects, Shaun actively shares his talents and expertise to inspire and empower young people in his community.

What sets Shaun apart is his belief in social entrepreneurship and his dedication to pursuing projects that align with his values and interests. Instead of following a traditional education path, Shaun has chosen to pursue his passion for music and media production, dedicating his time and energy to his own ventures. His unwavering commitment to his craft and his community is truly inspiring.

Shaun’s story serves as a testament to the power of talent development. By identifying and nurturing his talents, Shaun has been able to achieve remarkable success in various fields and make a positive impact in his community. His journey exemplifies the importance of recognizing and harnessing one’s natural abilities and interests in the pursuit of personal and professional fulfillment. Shaun’s story is a shining example of how talent development can lead to extraordinary achievements and inspire others to do the same.


  • Kinooz - Owner & Founder juli 2012 - Present
  • 040 Records - Owner & Founder juli 2011 - Present
  • Dynamo Eindhoven Workshop docent april 2012 - Present
  • Word Up! Voorzitter april 2012 - januari 2020
  • Lumens Jongerencoach XL - Link2Work040 oktober 2015 - oktober 2017

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